IPC Group Purchasing

Supply Chain Services

IPC provides group purchasing services to our members. The primary goal of the program is to provide members with better pricing on products and services than they could obtain on their own. IPC offers the Premier, Inc. national contract portfolio plus access to Capstone Health Alliance, a regional purchasing organization with 235 member hospitals and 127 health systems.

General Guidelines

  • The Advisory Council ("Council"), a board comprised of supply chain executives from each IPC member hospital, directs contracting decisions.
  • Premier's contracting portfolio is the primary resource for contracting opportunities.
  • Enhancements of Premier agreements are developed based on aggregating the majority supplier's volume whenever possible.
  • Categories of products are prioritized according to spend and savings opportunities and with Council input.
  • Upon IPC's review, suppliers offering new opportunities will be shared with the Council to determine interest in moving forward.
  • IPC seeks to sign only one supplier agreement in any contract category.
  • Council input is encouraged and welcomed throughout the contracting process.
Contract Calendar
  • Absent special circumstances or opportunities, IPC initiatives are pursued in accordance with the Premier contract calendar.

IPC Direct Contracting

  • Non-Premier contracted categories, products and services are considered at the direction of the Council and in consideration of an inquiry or proposal from a supplier.
  • The Premier contract calendar helps to determine when an inquiry from a potential direct supplier will be presented to the Council.
  • When presenting direct opportunities to IPC members, IPC staff provides comparative information on competing Premier suppliers.
  • IPC staff screens inquiries from prospective suppliers using a "Supplier Profile" questionnaire.

Contract Implementation

  • Suppliers are instructed to work with member Supply Chain leaders and their respective IPC or Premier Region Director for implementation of all IPC agreements.
  • IPC conducts periodic business reviews with contracted suppliers.
  • IPC reviews contract activations and savings reported by members.
  • Members are asked to evaluate supplier performance as part of IPC's supplier performance review process.